Audio Technica Universal Headshell AT-HS6SV

Code: AT-HS6SV

This universal 1/2″-mount headshell for 4-pin turntable cartridges features all-metal construction and an integral finger lift. It is equipped with a rubber washer for a secure fit to your tone arm, and comes with color-coded headshell lead wires and cartridge mounting hardware. The AT-HS1 Universal Headshell fits both the AT-LP120-USB, AT-LP240-USB and AT-LP1240-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntables.

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The AT-HS6 is a universal ½”-mount headshell for 4-pin turntable cartridges. It features an ultra-lightweight (9 g) aluminum die-cast body to keep vibration to a minimum and a finger lift to enable precise stylus placement. The headshell comes with color-coded lead wires and mounting screws. Available in black (AT-HS6BK) and silver (AT-HS6SV).

Material: Aluminum
Connector: Aluminum
Weight: 9.0 g (0.3 oz), including lead wire
Dimensions: 13.0 mm (0.5″) H × 21.4 mm (0.8″) W × 48.9 mm (1.9″) D
Accessories: Installation screws (10 mm × 2, 8 mm × 2), nuts x 2, plastic washers x 2

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Weight 250 g