Audio Technica AT-HS4 Original turntable HeadShell

Code: ATHS3-1

Designed for use with the AT-LP3 turntable, this universal ½”-mount headshell is an excellent fit for any turntable with a straight 4-pin tonearm. The AT-HS3 features a lightweight aluminum die-cast body to keep vibration to a minimum and a finger lift to enable precise stylus placement. The headshell is also equipped with color-coded lead wires and comes with mounting screws.

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Headshell Audio-Technica HS4 The AT-HS4 is a versatile 1/2″ mount headshell designed for use with straight 4-pin tonearms. It comes complete with mounting screws and boasts an extremely lightweight (8.5g) die-cast aluminum chassis vibrations are kept to a minimum.In addition, the AT-HS4 headshell uses a lever for precise stylus placement and is equipped with color-coded wires.

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