Genuine NAGAOKA DJ-44G Replacement Stylus for SHURE M44-G / M44-7 cartridges

Code: Nagaoka DJ-44G
  • Suitable needle pressure (2.0 – 3.5 g)
  • 0.7 mil conical diamond tip 
  • Compatible Cartridges M44-G, M44-7

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NAGAOKA replacement needle for the M44G and M447 cartridges, which is widely used by DJs around the world. After the discontinuation of production of the previously sold NAGAOKA GD63-44G replacement needle, the specifications were reviewed and newly developed. Without losing the frugal toughness that is the biggest characteristic of the original 44G, Dj-44G delivers more powerful sound pressure, while realizes a powerful sound with a delicate wide range. Cartridge not included.

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Weight20 g


Stylus Tip