New partnership with high-performance product manufacturer Grado

Categories: Product Launches

At MYNEEDLESTORE, we strive to bring you the best possible replacement styli and cartridges available. That’s why we’re proud to announce we’re now an authorized Canadian Grado reseller.

A family tradition of quality
In 1953, the Grado family business started as a grassroots venture with cartridges being built by hand on a kitchen table. Today, Grado still hand builds cartridges in Brooklyn.

Quality control and high performance
Each cartridge is tested for frequency response, channel output and balance, phase linearity, inductance and resistance. The meticulous attention to design and construction Grado lavishes on each cartridge delivers unmatched consistency in performance and guaranteed reliability.

Your turntable is only as good as your cartridge. Grado offers you everything from entry-level cartridges to cartridges that feature gold, sapphire, and diamond nestled inside cocobolo wood.