We’re teaming up with world-class OEM accessory and stylus supplier Tonar

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MYNEEDLESTORE is pleased to announce that we’re now an authorized Tonar reseller.

Putting experience and quality to work for you
In business for almost 60 years, Tonar is a world-class OEM supplier of turntable parts and accessories, such as styli and cartridges. Today, it’s is one of the world’s specialists in phonograph replacement needles, original needles, phonograph cartridges and accessories for vinyl.

A full range of specialized turntable accessories
Tonar’s current product range features more than 3000 replacement and original needles, as well as more than 1000 types of phonograph cartridges, including special shape, ½-inch mount, T4P plug-in, crystal, ceramic, moving magnet, induced magnet, moving iron and moving coil cartridges. Tonar also offers a comprehensive line of accessories to clean, store and maintain your valuable record collection.

Tonar’s reasonably priced turntable accessories and replacement parts are the best quality products on the market, manufactured according to the same quality standards as the original product manufacturers.